Jr NBA Youth Basketball - House League

Grades 3-8 (Boys)


Our Jr NBA Youth Basketball League will provide eager young athletes another opportunity to develop new skills and refine current ones in an environment that is ideal for learning. This program is aimed at developing an athletes’ athletic ability, their “global” skill set, & their understanding of modern team concepts.  It is a great addition to your Rep & School seasons by providing additional skill development and a chance to play 1 extra game per week.

The program will consist of 2 sessions per week:

  • SKILL SESSION: drills & modified games that will work on developing your “global” skill set
  • GAME SESSION: 4 vs 4 games (to promote more touches with the ball, better spacing, & better decision making)

 **You will have the option to sign up for both sessions or either one individually.

This program will include: 8 weeks of basketball, JNYB Jersey, JNYB basketball, game officials, & insurance.



Next Level Basketball is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Canada Basketball & Basketball Ontario! With this partnership we will be providing Simcoe County with Jr NBA Youth Basketball – a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball. This Canada Basketball grassroots initiative empowers Next Level Basketball to positively influence youth through the sport of basketball.

This program will introduce, provide opportunities, and encourage youth in Grades 3-8 to participate in this great game of basketball. Jr NBA Youth Basketball will help young athletes develop a passion and expose them to the values, qualities, and skills required to succeed in basketball and in life.

The model for Jr NBA Youth Basketball [JNYB] is based on and aligned with Canada Basketball’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. This program addresses the need for young developing players to receive skill development thats developmentally appropriate as well as educating parents of their role towards their child’s development.

Please visit the Official JNYB website for more information.


Spring Program Details

Grades 3/4 (Boys)
Grades 5/6 (Boys)
Grades 7/8 (Boys)


Skill Session (Wednesday’s):
Gr 3/4/5 
Gr 6/7/8

Game Session (Sunday’s):
Gr 3/4
Gr 5/6
Gr 7/8





JNYB Reversible Jersey, JNYB Basketball, 8 weeks of Play, Certified Officials, Insurance

1)  Skill Session –
2)  Game Session –
3)  Both Sessions –

Payment in full is required to ensure your child has a spot in the program.

A $25 administration fee will be charged before the session starts. No refunds once the program starts.

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