4v4 Fullcourt League

Grades 3-8 (Boys & Girls Divisions)


Our Next Level Youth Basketball League will provide eager young athletes another opportunity to develop new skills and refine current ones in an environment that is ideal for learning.  Less coaching and less teaching = more experiential LEARNING!

We also know that you will have FUN!  Our league model reduces the stress of coaching, strategizing to beat opponents, and standings.  You will be free to explore & experiment without stress. 

It is a great addition to your Rep & School seasons by providing an additional FULLCOURT game experience each week

Benefits of 4v4


    • less strategizing to beat an opponent, more true competetion.
    • reduced pressure on the players from scoreboards, standing, & coaches.


    • more opportunities (shooting, attacking, finishing, defending, decisions, etc)
    • more touches, less coaching, less teaching = more learning
    • more space on the court to operate


    • ALL players get to utilize global skills
    • no players pigeon holed into positions


Next Level leagues are for the players. Kids need to enjoy the sport to want to improve. The key focus is FUN! This is an opportunity to develop basketball skills in a fun, non- coached, low-stress environment. We encourage healthy competition in which kids play hard and play to win but not at the expense of belittling opponents, yelling at officials or displaying poor sportsmanship. We ask that players and parents conduct themselves appropriately and exhibit good sportsmanship.



Boys & Girls Divisions for each of the following:
Grades 3/4
Grades 5/6
Grades 7/8


Gr 3/4: 1:30 – 2:30pm
Gr 5/6: 2:30 – 3:30pm
Gr 7/8: 3:30 – 4:30pm

Georgian College Athletic Centre (Barrie, ON)

Sunday’s: Nov 13 – Dec 18, 2022
*6 weeks

Next Level Shirt, Officials, Insurance

$160 (HST Included)

Payment in full is required to ensure your child has a spot in the program.

A $25 administration fee will be charged before the session starts. No refunds once the program starts.

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