Scott Morrison

  • Perth Wildcats (NBL) – Head Coach
  • Boston Celtics (NBA) – Assistant Coach 

“In my twelve years as a CIS head coach, Scott Seeley was the player that was most dedicated to improving his abilities which resulted in a small town kid becoming one of the best university level players in Ontario.  Now, as a coach, he is bringing that same dedication and drive to helping young players in his area reach their potential and beyond.  He is an excellent teacher of the game and has firsthand experience in how to best maximize one’s abilities on the basketball court.”

“Scott Seeley used a strong work ethic while at Lakehead University to develop himself into an OUA All-Star.  The kids in Simcoe County are very lucky to have a program like Next Level Basketball in their region.  I encourage anyone looking to improve their skills to take advantage of this great program.”

Kayla Alexander

  • Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) – Player
  • Syracuse University (NCAA) – Player

“If you want your child to learn and understand how to play the game of basketball, develop the necessary skills needed to play the game and the mentality and hard work required to be successful, Next Level Basketball is the perfect choice. Your child will receive hands on instructions, and view demonstrations by highly experienced coaches who explain the purpose of each drill. Plus, they encourage their players to push themselves and make mistakes, because when you play outside your comfort zone, that’s where success lies!”

Kyle Julius

  • Formosa Dreamers – Head Coach
  • Canadian Men’s National Team – Player

“Having worked the Next Level Summer Camps for the past 5 years, I have experienced firsthand the passion, dedication and tremendous knowledge Scott and his team put into making these camps such a success. As a player and a coach I have been involved in basketball camps across the North America for over 20 years. Next Level has put together the perfect balance of great basketball coaching knowledge and a fun energizing environment where players can learn and develop.”

Kalisha Keane

  • Dayton Flyers (NCAA) – Assistant Coach
  • Canadian Senior Women’s National Team – Player

“I had the privilege of working with Next Level Basketball this summer and I can truly say that they embody their name to the fullest! I was so inspired by the energy and enthusiasm the coaches and staff gave to the athletes. It was amazing to see how much fun they were all having learning, working hard and playing the game of basketball! This is a must attend program that I will recommend too all young kids looking to elevate their game & have fun while doing it.”

Mikaela Brewer

  • Stanford University (NCAA) – Player
  • Canadian Junior Women’s National Team – Player

“The Next Level basketball program is one of the best basketball specific camps geared towards improvement and becoming not only a better basketball player but a better athlete and teammate. The repertoire of skills that the coaching staff brings to the court challenges the players, giving them a chance to be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’, and encouraging mistakes and learning. Scott Seeley coached me in grades 11-12, helping me to improve my confidence on the court while working with me individually based on my role on each team, ex. leadership responsibilities. He introduced skills and concepts that helped me throughout my high school and JUEL league seasons for two years, resulting in National Team selections for both of those years. I not only became a better basketball player but a better teammate and athlete. Coach Seeley and the entire coaching staff are very versed in the game of basketball, and ultimately make Next Level basketball camps a fun and competitive environment to be in!”

Brad Campbell 

Head Coach – Western University Men’s Basketball

“Brad Smith is a legitimate low-post scorer and has the ability to stretch defences with his ability to shoot the ball with range. Brad will be an incredible knowledgeable source for young players at various levels.”

Lou Pero

Former Head Coach – Lakehead University Men’s Basketball

“It was an honour and pleasure to coach an excellent athlete like Jeff Rosar.   He had a major impact on the basketball program at Lakehead University because of his attention to detail and enthusiasm for the sport.  What is more impressive is his love in developing young athletes!”

Mike Katz

Former Head Coach -University of Toronto Men’s Basketball

“Paul Zyla is a dedicated and active coach within Simcoe County. Prior to coaching, Paul played for me at the University of Toronto. His knowledge and skill set make him and Next Level Basketball an invaluable asset within the coaching community.”

Chris O’Rourke

Head Coach – University of Guelph Men’s Basketball

“Matt Rosar was an extremely hard working team player who could finish inside at the CIS level, his dedication as a player now translates to his ability to coach and teach young players the right way to play the game.”

Bob Bain

Former Head Coach – York University Men’s Basketball

“Dan Eves is one of the most coachable, hardworking players you will ever see. He puts in total effort in every practice and game. He is a leader and a great example for any young athlete.  Young players would be wise to listen & learn from him.”